Photographer, Journalist, Videomaker

Alberto Giuliani


COVID-19 | San Salvatore

These are the doctors and nurses of the San Salvatore Hospital in Pesaro, Italy, the city of my birth and where I once again reside, which from day one has sadly been at the top of the COVID‑19 contagion and death charts. I photographed them at the end of their shifts—twelve hours without a break during their fight in an unequal war. In the quiet moments in front of my camera, these embattled individuals are in a state of total abandon, victims of an exhaustion that eats away at the body and the mind, a breathlessness that renders one disoriented, detached from time and space. They would take off their masks, caps, and gloves in front of my lens, remaining motionless, looking for some sort of normalcy amid the hell they were living.

Images taken in March 2020

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Covid-19 World Campaign

through this global TV and web spot, 153 million dollars has been donated from Unilever to hospitals against the pandemic.

LBG Sicilia

Corporate video for a world leading company in production of locust bean gum, high quality functional ingredients and systems for the food industry.

Foro del Libro MADRID

Book presentation “Gli immortali” (Ed. Il Saggiatore) and workshop

Istituto Italiano de Cultura

Madrid, 28-30 Oct.

Festival Informatici Senza Frontiere – Rovereto

Book presentation “Gli Immortali” – Ed. Il Saggiatore

19th Oct, 5p.m. Rovereto (Trento)

Lectio Magistralis

Bologna University

Conference about “Tell solidarity”, Rights, duties and difficulties of contemporary media.

Bologna University, 10th Oct., 5p.m.


Speech: Dante, noi e l’infinito. Book presentation Gli immortali – Ed. Il Saggiatore.

Pordenone, Sept. 20th 3,30 p.m.

Festival della Mente

Alla ricerca dell’immortalità.

Speech about immortality and future.

Sept. 1st 2019 – 11,45 a.m. Cinema Moderno


Presentation of the book “Gli immortali – Storie dal mondo che verrà”
Ed. Il Saggiatore

May 29th h.20,00
via Paladini, 8 – Milan


Presentation of the book
“Gli immortali – Storie dal mondo che verrà”
Ed. Il Saggiatore

May 23rd h.19;30
via Degli Etruschi, 4 – Rome

Surviving Humanity

SURVIVING HUMANITY explores the future of humanity.

Climate change, demography, nuclear war, migrations. Following the experts opinion, in the coming decades we are going to face huge challenges. And for the first time in history, we are dealing with our survival.This work explores what science is doing around the world to face the future. SURVIVING HUMANITY meets those unknown men and women handling with our destiny and narrates places where human being is organizing his resilience.

North Pole scientific base and Global Seed Vault (Arctic Svalbard), Cryopreservation centers (USA), institutes and universities working with humanoid robotics (Japan), NASA astronauts simulating life on Mars (Hawaii), edible insect farming (Netherland), biosphere to preserve forest’s biodiversity (UK), dog and animal cloning (Korea), Human Genomic research and China National GeneBank (China), the first Artificial Sun (Germany), luxury bunkers for civil communities (USA).


Direction, production and filming of a corporate video, realized for the opening of the new hydroelectric power plant in Pizzighettone

Surviving Humanity

Solo Exhibition
Bienal Fotografia do Porto (Portugal)
“Adaptation and Transition”

Opening Friday 17th May h.18,00
Edifício Paços do Concelho

Salone Internazionale del Libro

Salone Internazionale del libro di Torino
Presentation of the book
“Gli immortali – storie dal mondo che verrà”
Ed. Il Saggiatore

Saturday 11th May h.12,30
Sala Rosa – Lingotto Fiere, Torino (Italy)


I narrate the transformation of the company Edison in a special issue corporate magazine. Taking care of the editorial line, interviews, texts and pictures


Trough text and pictures I narrate for AD the story of a private palace in Venezuela. It is the background of the dramatic history of a dynasty, from slavery to power, until the escape

Vanity Fair

(1) Text and pictures for Vanity Fair to narrate an amazing love story
(2) Text and pictures for Vanity Fair to narrate a contemporary Thelma and Louise in Patagonia


Editorial line, interviews, texts and pictures is the work I have done to narrate the first wave of Edison Transformation Team. This tool is added to a massive video production (only internal use) I realized

Il Corriere della Sera

The arctic Climate Change is the subject of the story I have done (text and pictures) for Io Donna – Il Corriere della Sera